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Open Government Week

#activitat #DemocracyBCN

27 May - 31 May @ 2024 Per determinar


A conference is a collection of meetings arranged in a programme, with a number of people invited as speakers, and other information fields typical of large congresses or social events (registration, list of organisations that support or sponsor the event, etc.).

Examples: A conference can be a relevant event for an organization and its members, or take place as part of a participatory process or follow a consultation.


The Open Government Week is an international event in which, for a week, all administrations explain to citizens and share their open government policies and strategies: participation, transparency, public-private collaboration.


Facing the multiple crises the world is confronting, hundreds of reformers from around the globe, both from government and civil society, are invited, working to make their communities stronger, more open, participative, inclusive, and responsible.

The challenge: to make the open government community rise, increase the ambition of open government initiatives, ensuring a lasting impact, and collectively facing the current moment. That's why the OGP has launched the Open Government Challenge.

During the Open Government Week from May 27th to 31st, 2024, reformers will gather in public debates, assemblies, hackathons, webinars, and share stories and best practices to accelerate solutions to their most pressing problems and promote democracy by:

  • Protecting the right to information.

  • Fighting corruption.

  • Protecting civic space.

  • Combating climate change.

  • Improving digital governance.

  • Opening budgets.

  • Including all voices.

  • Expanding access to justice.

  • Ensuring press freedom.

  • Enhancing public participation.

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