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The Innovation in Politics Awards 2024

#internacional #DemocracyBCN

02 May - 2024 Museu Marítim de Barcelona


A conference is a collection of meetings arranged in a programme, with a number of people invited as speakers, and other information fields typical of large congresses or social events (registration, list of organisations that support or sponsor the event, etc.).

Examples: A conference can be a relevant event for an organization and its members, or take place as part of a participatory process or follow a consultation.


Every year, the most innovative political projects in Europe are identified and awarded by a citizens' jury. In spring 2025, the finalists will go to Vienna to present their projects and attend the award ceremony.

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The annual Innovation in Politics Awards recognise creative politicians from across Europe who are breaking new ground with innovative solutions for today’s challenges. The Awards are presented to those politicians in recognition of their exemplary projects based on European values of social balance, democracy and human rights – regardless of their party affiliation or level of government.

Each year, a Citizen Jury of more than 1,000 Europeans evaluate all projects to determine the finalists and winners in the Awards’ categories: democracy, climate protection, democracy technologies, government improvement, social cohesion, local development, education, and party innovation.

The Finalists

The Innovation in Politics Institute has announced the finalist projects of the Innovation in Politics Awards, which since 2017 recognize courageous and creative public initiatives from across Europe that positively impact people's lives and strengthen democracy. Two projects driven by the Barcelona City Council, B-MINCOME, and housing cooperatives, are finalists. On the one hand, the B-MINCOME project, which integrates comprehensive poverty alleviation measures combining financial support with active socio-labor inclusion policies, is a finalist in the Local Development category, while the other finalist project, housing cooperatives, a pioneering project promoting cooperative housing in lease of use, which has been promoted by the Barcelona City Council with the entity Sostre Cívic, is in the Social Cohesion category. A total of 334 projects have been submitted, from 26 countries, 70 of which have reached the final stage.

The citizen jury, composed of more than a thousand citizens from across Europe, has highlighted these projects based on criteria of innovation, sustainability, and impact.

Check here the list of finalists

The winning projects will be announced at the international gala taking place on May 2nd at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., within the framework of the European Capital of Democracy. The winners of each of the seven Awards categories will be announced and presented with their trophies in a festive evening with food for thought (and the other kind), music and entertainment. 

Every year, 500+ leaders from politics, civil society and the business world from all over Europe come together to meet and greet their peers across borders and party lines to acknowledge the exemplary initiatives. If you’d like to join us in celebrating innovation in politics.

The event is in-person and free of charge.

Information and ticket reservation here


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