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ALDA Festival & General Assembly 2024

#activitat #DemocracyBCN

13 May - 15 May @ 2024 Per determinar


A conference is a collection of meetings arranged in a programme, with a number of people invited as speakers, and other information fields typical of large congresses or social events (registration, list of organisations that support or sponsor the event, etc.).

Examples: A conference can be a relevant event for an organization and its members, or take place as part of a participatory process or follow a consultation.


The ALDA Festival and General Assembly includes interesting discussions, exciting events, workshops, and insightful speeches by keynote speakers.


The ALDA Festival and General Assembly of 2024 promises to be a momentous occasion, marking a significant turning point in the organization's unwavering dedication to its mission and impact. From May 13 to 15, 2024, in Barcelona, this event is framed within the European Capital of Democracy, amplifying the resonance of its mission in the city.

Through participatory methodologies and decentralized cooperation, ALDA empowers and enables local communities not only in Europe but worldwide. Its core mission of building bridges between local authorities and communities takes on crucial relevance, fostering cross-border dialogue and collaboration that extends beyond geographical barriers. This commitment solidifies ALDA's position as a local facilitator with global impact, demonstrating convincingly how local initiatives can drive transformative changes on a global scale.

Under the theme "Local Democracy for Global Impact", the ALDA Festival and General Assembly of 2024 will provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore synergies between local and European levels of governance. This alignment reinforces ALDA's commitment to fostering connections among citizens, local authorities, and the broader European context, contributing to the organization's vital mission of promoting local democracy as a guarantee of resilience.

This momentous event, which continues to grow after the success of the previous edition, invites all interested citizens to be part of this unique celebration in the city of Barcelona.

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