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Decidim Fest 2023: Un esdeveniment clau a la Capital Europea de la Democràcia
October 23, 2023A three-day event held at the Canodrom exploring the convergence of Technology, Democracy and Collective IntelligenceThis October, the city of Barcelona hosted an exceptional event that explores the intersection between technology and democracy. Decidim Fest 2023 has brought together brilliant minds from around the world to debate the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its relationship with citizen participation.With the motto "Democracy, Technology and Collective I…
Daniel Innerarity reflects in Barcelona on the future of democracy
October 5, 2023The National Humanities Research Award analyzes the current challenges in the inauguration of the European Capital of DemocracyAt the inaugural conference of the European Capital of Democracy, Daniel Innerarity highlighted the importance of rethinking the future of democracy. He warned that the real crisis is not whether democracy will survive, but what future it offers to citizens and how it is linked to their well-being. Innerarity has emphasized the need to make visible the con…
The European Capital of Democracy presents a programme of more than 40 activities for 2023-2024
September 14, 2023For one year, the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan region will host local, metropolitan, European and international events, conferences and activities linked to democratic innovation, citizen participation, culture, education and public spaceBarcelona City Council and the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEMB) –which form the technical office of the European Capital of Democracy– have presented the program of events this September 14 in the Saló de Cent of the City …
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