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The game jam Truth, Lies & Democracy will take place at the Canódromo within the framework of the European Capital of Democracy

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February 1, 2024

Combating fake news through video games

From May 17 to 19, the Canódromo - Ateneo de Innovación Digital y Democrática will host 'Truth, Lies & Democracy', a three-day game jam to develop video games and interactive proposals to defend democracy and fight against fake news and misinformation. The event will bring together prominent professionals from the gaming, technology, politics, and communication industries.

The initiative aims to educate players about democratic decision-making mechanisms, misinformation, fake news, privacy, and the impact of new technologies on society. Fake news is considered a threat to democracy, undermining faith in elections, fostering distrust, and eroding confidence in journalism and government.

Who can participate?

From now until March 31 at 23:59, registrations are open for young teams aged 18 to 30 with prior experience in the field of video games. The jury, consisting of Simona Levi (founder of XNet), Arturo Monedero (vice president of AEVI), and Inés Alcolea Llopis (PR & Communication Manager at Gameloft), will select the teams. The selected projects will have the opportunity to participate in IndieDevDay 2024 in Barcelona and will receive pre-incubation advice from ArsGames. GameBCN will provide a shared consulting session, and DeviCat will grant recognition and personalized support to one of the resulting projects.

Individuals interested in participating (they must form a team) can complete the following form before Sunday, March 31.

The event will be broadcast live, allowing the audience to access the creative process of game development and share interviews with participating mentors:

'Truth, Lies & Democracy' is part of the program of the European Capital of Democracy and is curated by ArsGames and María Luján Oulton, with the support of local and international partners such as Gameloft BCN, GameBCN, IndieDevDay, DeviCat, Nimble Giant Entertainment, ENTI-UB, CITM-UPC, UPF, Fundación, and Verificat.

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