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Open call for grants for innovative projects, this year also within the framework of the European Capital of Democracy 2024

ca Subvencions per a projectes innovadors en Grants for innovative projects es Subvenciones para proyectos innovadores

December 19, 2023

The Barcelona City Council aims to boost citizen participation and democratic innovation through grants for events and projects between January 8 and January 25, 2024.

The City Council has announced an open call for grants for district and city projects, activities, and services for the year 2024. The call will be open from January 8 to January 25, 2024, and, on this occasion, it also includes projects within the framework of the European Capital of Democracy. This is a unique opportunity to promote democratic innovation and citizen participation.

In the city context, emphasis is placed on democratic innovation projects, with a limit of three projects per applicant. These non-profit projects should focus on promoting digital rights and innovative democratic participation. Follow-up for subsidized projects is planned with open sessions at Canòdrom-Ateneu of Digital and Democratic Innovation.

Projects within the European Capital of Democracy

With Barcelona as the European Capital of Democracy from September 2023 to October 2024, the call encourages the submission of projects focused on the global and local challenges of democracy. Citizen participation is especially encouraged in events, conferences, workshops, and other innovative formats that revolve around democracy and address key themes such as culture, education, technology, and the climate issue.

Requirements and evaluation criteria

Projects must meet specific temporal requirements and aim to address global challenges such as political disaffection and fake news, as well as innovations in citizen participation and co-production of public policies. Evaluation criteria include public interest, the utility and impact of the project, openness to the citizenry, and the impact on the dissemination and promotion of participation and democracy. The call represents an exciting opportunity for all those interested in contributing to the construction of a participatory and innovative democracy.

For more information and applications, you can refer to the call document at the provided link or contact [email protected] in case of doubts.

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